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Why We Help The Challenge

More than 100,000 people in the US are on the waitlist for a kidney transplant, but thousands of life-saving donor kidneys are discarded each year due to inconclusive quality-testing results.

Many of these organs are likely transplantable but only if an objective test could demonstrate their viability. Prebeo aims to provide that objective assessment.

Our Technology The Solution

Prebeo’s Kidney Viability Assessment System (KVAS) uses optical coherence tomography augmented by an intelligent image-analysis algorithm to non-invasively evaluate donor kidneys in real time.

Our proprietary method, with a scan time under five minutes, will act as a quantitative supplement to the existing standard of care – single tissue biopsy and the Kidney Donor Profile Index – for assessing donor kidneys.

What We Do The Impact

We aim to save lives by making the kidney transplantation placement process more efficient and enabling more transplants.

Increasing the number of donor kidneys deemed viable for transplant is crucial to improving patient outcomes. By providing a rapid non-invasive assessment of whole-kidney viability, we expect that KVAS will result in the annual allocation of thousands of additional kidneys for transplant.

The Prebeo Team

Our team of scientists and engineers are creating tools to improve the evaluation of donor kidneys for transplantation.

Yu Chen - Prebeo

Yu Chen, PHD

Dr. Chen is Prebeo's co-founder. He is the inventor of KVAS and is a thought leader on the use of OCT for novel biomedical applications.

Itso Ivanov - Prebeo

Itso Ivanov

Itso leads Prebeo's engineering efforts and provides specific expertise in device manufacturing and design for Prebeo projects. He is an applied physicist with extensive electronics assembly, product design, and field-testing experience.

Ken Malone - Prebeo

Ken Malone, PHD

Ken is a co-founder of Prebeo and provides leadership and business operations expertise. He has engaged in the commercialization of hundreds of new products, and brings a broad experience base from 25 years in business operations, marketing, intellectual property management, M&A, finance, and government affairs.

Kelli Booth - Prebeo

Kelli Booth

Kelli Booth provides project and operations management for Prebeo. She has a proven track record of commercializing early-stage technology and bringing new products to market.


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